Your World Is Your Canvas – Handmade Inspiration

by onepaperstreet

I came across some graduation cards the other day, and felt moved to create my own handmade inspiration. It is an amazing thing to empower someone who may just be starting out in life! It’s so important to remind people both old and young that they can be anything they want to be. Check out the video tutorial, materials list, and walk thought below to create your own masterpiece! I hope you enjoy.

Watch the Your World is Your Canvas YouTube video tutorial here:


Materials Used:

Purple Cardstock (5.5″x8.5” folded in half)
Turquoise Cardstock (4.03”x4.03”)
White Cardstock – Inside of Card (5”x3.75”)
White Cardstock – For Salutation (3.85”x3.85”)
Striped Ribbon – 2 pieces (6”)
Corner Paper Punch
Alcohol Based Markers (Dark Orange, Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Coral, Purple, Clear Eraser)
Double Sided Sticky Tape
Dimensional Tape
Tweezers (if needed)

Cricut Images Used:

Your World Is Your Canvas (Phone Decals cartridge)
1 Standard Square (Turquoise Background)
1 Standard Square (Sentiment)


Walk Through:

Whenever I start a project, I try to pre-cut as many items as I can before I start sticking things together. In this case, it was easy since my Cricut machine did most of the work. I opened the Cricut Design Studio, and searched through the “Free” images, to see if there was anything I liked. Some free images rotate weekly, so I usually don’t have too much trouble finding new designs.



I settled on the sentiment “Your World is You Canvas” which was written out using Cricut Makers then cut by the machine. The background was a standard free square which I used for turquoise border. I cut an 8.5”x11” sheet of paper in half, and then scored the middle to make the base of the card. I then used a border punch to round the edges of all of my newly cut designs.

Coloring the sentiment was my favorite part, by far. I used alcohol based markers because they work well for blending like colors. There was no particular method to my madness, I just tried a bunch of colors, and picked out five of my favorites. When using alcohol markers, the clear marker can be great for minimizing any color that might have gone outside of the lines. When trying to blend colors, layer as many coats as you need to get the desired look. These makers will bleed though, so if you’re working with a small space it may be best to take time in between your coats. This will allow the ink to dry and help keep you from accidentally expanding your surface area.

Once I was all done coloring the sentiment, I took two ribbons of the same design and positioned them on the card with ribbon tape. Then when that was done, I simply had to apply the sentiment on its turquoise background to the purple card and place the interior white insert inside.

I would love to see your handmade inspirational cards as well, so show off your creativity! Please comment below with your creations, so that I can check out your work too!

All opinions and editorial decisions are my own. This article is not sponsored.

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