Floral “Merci” – A Handmade Thank You

by onepaperstreet

Today’s inspiration for this handmade thank you card came from the Mojo Monday Card Sketch Challenge blog and the Paper Play Sketches Color Challenge blog.  This was such a fun and slightly difficult card for me. The technique is simple, but I made it with two crafting challenges in mind. Making a card that had the right design with the exact colors I needed to use, turned out to be a bit more of a “challenge” (pun intended), than I had planned for.

Watch the Floral Merci YouTube video tutorial here.


Materials Used:

Blue Cardstock (11”x4.25”)
Brown Cardstock (5”x3.75”)
White Cardstock – Inside of Card (5”x3.75”)
White Cardstock – For Stamped Embellishment (2” diameter)
Green Patterned Cardstock (4” diameter)
Floral Stamp (1.75” diameter)
Small Stamp for Salutation
Green Stamping Ink Pad
Blue Stamping Ink Pad
Brown Button (.25” diameter)
Double Sided Sticky Tape
Dimensional Tape
Tweezers (if needed)


Cricut Images Used:

Standard Circle Shape (4” diameter)

Walk Through:

I started this handmade thank you card by cutting the blue cardstock then scoring and folding it in half to make the body of the card. Next, I cut the brown paper to size for the background of this design. The white cardstock was also prepped for the interior of the card. After that was complete, I moved to stamping the embellishment and the salutation. Midnight blue ink was used for the floral design onto the smaller white cardstock, and turquoise for the “Merci” salutation.

While waiting for the stamped ink to dry, I measured a 4 inch circle in my Cricut Design Studio and ran it through my Cricut machine. Once completed, I folded it in half and cut it once more. One of the halves could then be placed on the left side of the brown cardstock.

The floral design and button were fixed to the brown cardstock using dimensional tape. For the finishing touch, I then placed the brown cardstock on the body of the card, again using dimensional tape.

Tip: If you’re using lightweight paper for the background of your design, use extra dimensional tape to help give it some additional support and structure.


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