I Only Have Eyes For You | Easy Valentine’s Day How-To

by onepaperstreet

I get a ton of use out of my Cricut Machine, and today’s card is no exception. This Eyes for You Valentines Day Card is an easy how-to guide that you can follow with your own machine. So, keep reading to find out more about how I made this card.

View the exact specifications of this project in the Cricut Design Studio.

Materials Used:

Materials Not Pictured:

Green and Blue Patterned Cardstock (for background)
Textured Solid Green Cardstock (for the banner)
Textured Solid Blue Cardstock (for the banner)

Cricut Images Used:

Glasses (Mustaches and Glasses cartridge)
Banner (Banners cartridge)
Standard Square
Cricut Sans Font


Eyes for You How-To:

Step 1.

Start this design by cutting out a gray card base. The card base should be 8.5’x 4.25′ inches in size and folded in half. This will create a beautiful A2 sized greeting card. Next, choose what you’d like your background to look like. I chose a green and blue patterned sheet of cardstock. Whenever pattern you decide on, cut that sheet into 5.25′ x 4′ inches in size. Making it slightly smaller than the card base will create a lovely border around as the patterned cardstock when you lay it on top of the card base.

Step 2.

Open this project in the Cricut Design Space. Once you have the project open, follow the Design Space instructions to cut out the banner and the glasses for this card. You won’t need to cut out the card base or the background in the project because you’ve already done that. Use a Cricut pen to draw the words onto the banner. I used black ink for my design.

Tip: To find out more tips and tricks about how to use your Cricut machine, click here.

Step 3.

In step two, you would have cut out three different layers to make the banner. So now that you have everything cut out, start putting the layers together. I recommend building the banner from back to front. Start building out the layers of the banner before adding the words. This will allow you to cover up mistakes a little easier.

Step 4.

Next, start assembling all the pieces of your card. Use mounting tape to place the background on to your card base, creating a border I mentioned earlier. You’ll also need to place some 1/4 inch 3D foam tape on the back of your banner. Arrange the banner so that it sits in the bottom center of the card.

the eyeglasses will go right above the banner in the center of the card. Since they’re so thin you’ll need to use some liquid glue. I used Tombow MONO Aqua Liquid Glue. This particular glue dries quickly and is permanent.

Step 5.

Once the glue is dry, complete the last step by adding the interior insert to the card. This is optional, so if you’re using white cardstock for your design you may not need this at all. However, I do find that the interior insert gives the card a little bit more stability if you’re using anything under 110 lb paper for your base.

Well, that’s it for today’s tutorial I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave me any feedback or thoughts in the comments below! Click here to view other projects other Cricut Projects.

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