The End Result

by onepaperstreet

I’ve included a YouTube video tutorial below, in addition to the list of materials I used to make this card. Today, instead of walking you through the creation process, I’d like to spend some time talking about the end result.

When I first envisioned this card, I had a much different image in mind than what the actual result turned out to be. It was going to be blue and purple, with flower petals that would be lighter in the middle blending out beautifully into a navy color near the ends. As I began working on it, I ran into all sorts of issues. The markers wouldn’t blend exactly how I wanted them too. The stamping ink bled when I tried to do the blending. Maybe it was the materials, user error or quite likely a bit of both. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it right.

Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

After several attempts, I finally decided to take his advice and change my approach. Instead of blending, I decided to color the petals in solid shapes. Instead using dark blues that would hide the lines of the stamped design, I opted for lighter colors that would complement them.

I point this out because I think it’s important to recognize that, regardless of the project, our final results will almost never looks exactly like what we had pictured in our minds. We’ll all run into challenges as we work through the creative process, things that we couldn’t have anticipated when we originally decided to take action. The most important part is that we figure out how to work through those challenges instead of getting hung up on what we had originally expected it to be.

Even though my design turned out much different than intended, I’m still proud of the end result. I hope this little bit of reflection helps you to enjoy your creative process with your next project, regardless of where it takes you.

Watch the Greetings Special Friend YouTube video tutorial here.

Materials Used:

Yellow  Cardstock (11”x4.25”)
Patterned White Cardstock (4.25”x1.5”)
White Cardstock – Inside of Card (5”x3.75”)
White Cardstock – For Stamped Embellishment (4.75”x1.75”)
Green Cardstock (4.25”x1.5”)
Red Cardstock (5”x”2)
Stamp for Embellishment (4.25”x1.5”)
Stamp for Salutation
Black Quick Dry Stamping Ink
Assorted Markers
Double Sided Sticky Tape
Dimensional Tape

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