Donut Kill My Vibe | Watercolor Birthday Card Tutorial

by onepaperstreet

I’m really looking forward to sharing my latest watercolor birthday card tutorial with you. I used my Cricut Machine, some watercolor paint, and mixed media paper to make this super fun donut themed card. The donut design came from the Cricut Design Space and I can’t wait to show you how I made it and how I decided to paint it, so keep reading this tutorial to find out the materials I used and step-by-step instructions to make it yourself, and remember to just have fun with it when you’re making it on your own.

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Canson XL Series Mix Media Paper Pad (7″x10″)
Sakura Koi Watercolor Field 48 Color Sketch Set
– Colors Used – Frosting: Mixed #032 & #003, Donut Dough: mixed #071 & #003, Sprinkles: #176, #145, #052, #024, #114
Artist Loft Brown Synthetic Watercolor Brushes (size 5, size 3, size 1)
Pigma Sakura Micron Archival Waterproof Pen Size 05 .45mm (Black)
Beige Cardstock (8.5″x5.5″) – From: Recollections Cardstock Paper, Essentials 20 Colors
Classic Crest Super Smooth Solar White 80# Cover (3.75×5″ – interior insert)
Scor-Tape 1/8 inch
3L Repositionable Permanent Mounting Squares, 1/2-Inch x 1/2-Inch, 1000pk, White
Duck Clean Release Blue Painter’s Tape 1-Inch (0.94-Inch x 60-Yard)
Any flat smooth board



2 Squares (Basic Shapes)
Donut Kill My Vibe Draw (Witty Wisdom cartridge)



Step 1.

The first thing I did was to decide on the design I wanted to use. The donut image was originally made to be placed on a t-shirt, but it was such a fun design that I just had to use it. I decided to turn it into a watercolor birthday card instead.

Since it didn’t have any specific occasion sentiment, it can really be used for so much more than a birthday card. That’s what I envisioned when I made it, and so far it’s been very popular. However it been sold to be used as a welcome back card, an encouragement card or a just because card. 

The exact design specs for this watercolor birthday card tutorial can be found here in the Cricut Design Space. Use it exactly as it’s laid out. there are two rectangles around the donut design. These are here intentionally. The first interior rectangle lets you know where to trim the paper after the painting is complete. The second, is to create some space between the design and the wheels on the Cricut machine. If those wheels accidentally run over and pull any ink off of the paper, a faint carbon copy like ink smear may get printed on your design.

Tip: Click here to learn more Cricut Machine tips and tricks.

Step 2.

Next, decide if you want to tape your watercolor paper to a table or to a flat smooth board in order to paint it. If you’re going to tape it, I recommend removing the cutting tool from cartridge B of your Cricut machine. This will allow you to tape your paper down without damaging the design. After that, pick out the marker you will use to draw the design. the midnight Cricut marker seems to work pretty well with watercolors if you’re careful not to get water on the lines. I used a dollar store pencil grip, and a Micron Archival Waterproof Pen to draw this design. 

Step 3.

Once the “donut kill my vibes” design has been drawn out, find a smooth bored as mentioned above and tape all four edges of the paper to that board. Doing this will help keep the watercolor birthday card paper flat as it dries and will also help it keep its shape. This is  especially important if it’s not a super thick piece of watercolor paper. I used 160 gram 160 gram Mix Media paper so I did decide to tape it to a board.

Tip: Tape your watercolor birthday card design to a flat smooth board to keep it from warping as it dries.


Step 4.

Finally we’re on to the fun part, paining the donut! I started painting the frosting first on this watercolor birthday card, but you can paint in whatever order you want. You’re not layering colors on top of each other, and everything is outlined, so you don’t have to worry about starting with the lightest color first. As I mentioned, I painted the frosting first. After that, I painted the donut dough, then the sprinkles! I didn’t have the exact colors that I needed, so I started mixing various colors  in my Sakura Koi Watercolor Field 48 Color Sketch Set to get the colors that I felt worked well. Once the painting is complete let it fully dry before peeling the paint up.

Tip: The design is outlined, so just paint in whatever order you want! 


Step 5.

So, your painting is dry now. Maybe you left it overnight, or maybe you took a blow dryer to it. in either case, you’ve peeled it of the board, and it’s now ready to be trimmed down. Trim around the outline provided on the page, and voilà!! you have a finished piece that is flat, and ready to go! 

Cut a piece of beige cardstock to be 8.5″x5.5″ then fold it in half so that it becomes a lovely A2 4.25″x5.5″ card base. Next, adhere your donut to the card base. Be mindful of what type of the tape you use for this step. Water warps paper, so if you do not use re-positional tape and avoid weak adhesives. They will not be strong enough to hold the paper down. I recommend something like Scor-Tape. Once you have the front of the watercolor birthday card taped, add a 3.75″x5″ interior insert for a finishing touch.


I hope you enjoyed this watercolor birthday card tutorial. If you’d like to purchase this card while it’s still in stock, you may click here to be re-directed to my shop. If you try to replicate this design, please leave a comment with a link to your design! I’d love to see it.  


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