What Inspires You?

by onepaperstreet

When you decide to create something, what sparks that interest inside of you? What helps you get those creative juices flowing? Pinterest and Instagram are some of the more obvious sources of inspiration, but are there things outside of those digital platforms that help to inspire you?

There are times where I begin a project with a clear understanding of what I want to make. It could be a conversation I have with a co-worker, or a loved one that helps the idea form. I might go for a walk when something catches my eye. It could be the color scheme of a house I go past, or the color palette of the sky as the sun falls for the evening. I might be inspired by a flowerbed in the summer, or leaves changing colors in the fall. I may be inspired by something I see on a movie, something I hear on the radio or if I’m somewhere just people watching.  Sometimes my sources for inspiration can feel endless.

Yet other times I find myself staring at an empty crafting table, or a blank blog post for a while without getting any ideas. I’ll be in the mood to create, but just don’t know what to make or what materials to use. Starting a new project can sometimes be like getting dressed in the morning. We wake up, shower, brush our teeth, then walk over to a closet filled with clothing, open the door and think “I have nothing to wear”.

Many times we feel this way because we haven’t started pulling out any of our shirts, pants, scarves, dresses, and etc. to see what pieces we feel like coordinating that day. Sometimes a project requires the same mindset. If you don’t already have a clear picture of what you want to do, why not just start pulling out your supplies? If your hobby is paper crafting, pull out your stamps, paper pads, stickers, anything else that will help you formulate a plan. Sure your craft room will be in shambles, and that’s ok. Once you’ve decided on a path, just put the things back that you don’t plan to use, and begin!

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